We got funds (£0.4 out of £1.8M) from NSF-NERC to start an exciting project on graphene-based phosphate sensor!

While our collaborator will be designing the sensor, we will characterise its intriguing electronic properties. Phosphate is an essential plant nutrient and its sensing, in real time, in real conditions… will be really cool, and key to foster more sustainable farming practices. A postdoc to work on the project will be needed soon!


Energy Symposium

Although certain leaders on the other side of the Atlantic reject the idea of Global Warming, we still have to face the fact that our carbon emission triggered  a world-wide climate change. Weather we will survive it, as a human species, or not partially depends on its magnitude and on our adaptive capabilities.

With this goal in mind, the University of Sheffield is doing its bit by organising the 2017 Energy Symposium: a day filled with short presentations and posters to foster collaborations and new ideas for a greener future!

It will be this Monday, 24th of August 2017, from 9 am to 5 pm.

Come and join us and save the world!