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Open position

Open postdoc position

We are delighted to invite application for a 2-years postdoc position in ultrafast characterization of novel (nano-structured) graphene and graphene-based materials.

The position is part of a £1.8M international venture, in collaboration with Chemistry (UK), Animal & Plant Science (UK) and Engineering (USA). The overall goal of the grant is to develop sensors of small molecules for soil analysis using novel graphene morphologies. The objective of this particular position is to charaterize the electronic properties of these novel material.

The position thus includes a trip to the USA as well as possible collaboration with the local and international partners.

If you want to know more about it, contact me, otherwise apply directly here.



We got funds (£0.4 out of £1.8M) from NSF-NERC to start an exciting project on graphene-based phosphate sensor!

While our collaborator will be designing the sensor, we will characterise its intriguing electronic properties. Phosphate is an essential plant nutrient and its sensing, in real time, in real conditions… will be really cool, and key to foster more sustainable farming practices. A postdoc to work on the project will be needed soon!

Funds and award


First grant awarded!

Dr. Chauvet is the recipient of EPSRC’s notorious Young Investigator Award.

This grant will cover a 3-years postdoc and the necessary equipment to pursue the ultrafast investigation of newly synthesised -intriguing- porphyrins (£ 380k).

Big thanks to the EPSRC for funding the “Property-Enhanced Porphyrins” project and all the people involved in the reviewing process.