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Fully funded 3.5 years PhD studentship

We are exited to announce that we are recruiting for a project to develop novel fuel cells!

This project is in collaboration with Sheffield’s Energy Institute. About half of the project will be dedicated to developing novel catalysts and applying them in actual devices. The other half will be dedicated in characterizing the intrinsic electronic properties of your novel materials. The goal is to correlated both, the intrinsic electronic properties and the overall fuel cell efficiency in order to finetune these catalysts and improve current fuel cell technologies.

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Published: quantum control of vision

In this paper we prove that perception of light can be controlled quantum mechanically by shaping the phase of light itself.

Quantum control of molecular reactions in-vitro is already an achievement in itself. Here, we go further an show that, beyond the immediate isomerization of rhodopsin, the molecule responsible for our vision, the control can be extended to physiological responses.

This work is the fruit of a laborious 7 years long project headed by Prof. J.-P. Wolf, at the U. of Geneva.

Interested to know more about it.. check it here.